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Other Minds Records
by Del Sol String Quartet
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Track Listing: Dong: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Suite - Spring Ung: Spiral X, "In Memoriam" (For Amplified String Quartet) Body: Epicycle Frank (GL): Leyendas, An Andean Walkabout - Chasqui Na: Song Of The Beggars Zhou Long: Song Of The Ch'In Adams: John's Book Of Alleged Dances - Toot Nipple Sculthorpe: Quartet \#16 For Strings - Yearning What Remains (Improvisation, 2007) This album can be purchased from the Other Minds webstore . You can explore the Other Minds site at...
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WGBH Forum Network
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Michio Kaku, co-founder, string field theory One hundred years ago, lasers, televisions, and computers seemed physically impossible. Today, teleportation and invisibility seem equally far-fetched. Renowned physicist Michio Kaku explores how mind reading, the routine use of force fields, and other feats that are currently science fiction may become commonplace tomorrow. WGBH Forum Network program with the Museum of Science, Boston 2008 Apr 29
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Short Format Films
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The Lost City is a sci-fi serial movie of 12 Chapters, produced by Sherman S. Krellberg in 1935. All 12 chapters are herein combined for your convenience. Redundant credits have been edited out between chapters. We hope you enjoy this 'hi-tech' sci-fi story, by Super-Serial Productions, Inc.
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